Our values

Animal Liberation

Not merely animal rights. We're building a better world where animals are truly free from the grip of human exploitation.

Against all oppression

Animal liberation is not a single-issue campaign, but a reinterpretation of all oppression, including human oppression, through a different lens.


Our movement is sustainable, ethical, and effective. We practice what we preach.


Resources we share (such as money, websites, etc) are owned collectively by the activists and used democratically. Nobody is in charge, and everybody is in charge.


Different tactics work better in different areas because of their people, history, and culture. In general, we use some combination of the following tactics, but experimentation is encouraged.

Cube of Truth

Exposing what happens behind closed doors.


Mourning the lives lost to animal agriculture.

Truck stops

Bearing witness and giving water during their last moments.


Liberating non humans from abuse, neglect or abandonment.


Disrupting celebrations of exploitation and speaking out for animals.

Join us

Group decisions are made within our chatroom on Riot. Introduce yourself and get involved.

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